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Cutting-edge websites. Mobile apps. Email and text reminders. Pet Profiles and I.D. cards. The AVImark client communications platform helps you build build and connect with your client base while saving time and improving efficiencies.


Home_Websites - Petwise MarketingWebsites

Keep your clients engaged and connected with Pet Profiles™ pages, a mobile app, and client education materials.

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Home_ReminderCards - Petwise MarketingReminder cards

Offer high quality, personalized postcards at
a competitive price.


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Home_eMinders - Petwise MarketingeMinders

Help clients organize all of their pet’s vital health information in one handy place.

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Home_PetID NEW - Petwise MarketingI.D. cards

Help clients organize all of their pet’s vital health information in one handy place.

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What's New With AVImark Client Communications
  • Vetlogic.biz (Petwise Administration) is now using SSL

    Vetlogic.biz (Petwise Administration) is now using SSL encryption to make sure your sensitive information stays safe.

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL Technology)

    Vetlogic.biz (Petiwse Websites Administration) uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to provide you with the safest, most secure experience possible. SSL technology enables encryption (scrambling) of sensitive information, including passwords, during all online transactions. All of the forms on our site are secured with SSL technology so your personal information stays safe and out of malicious hands.

    Does your site have a secure connection? How am I able to tell if it is a safe connection?

    Our site uses SSL encryption to secure the communication of all sensitive information passing between your browser and our servers. To confirm that it is a secure connection, you should see the https://vetlogic.biz/.... in the URL. The “https” indicates that it’s using SSL. Furthermore, you should see a green lock at the top left corner of your URL bar.

    Take a look by clicking here

  • New Email Server and Migration

    PetWise is moving your email services to a new server!  This transfer will provide enhanced technology upgrades for future growth, and address issues pertaining to our current email server.

    To accomplish this, a PetWise Support Specialist will be contacting your practice and collecting an e-mail address.  This will be used to sending crucial information pertaining to the process of this transition.  Please provide a regularly monitored email address (non-PetWise), to ensure you receive pertinent and secure information regarding your updated PetWise account.

    If you wish to expedite this process, please contact a PetWise Support Specialist, and they will complete the migration.  Please call 877-838-9273, Option 8.

  • Petwise Websites Scheduled Maintenance

    The Petwise Websites system will be offline for scheduled maintenance starting at 5pm CT on Thursday, March 7 and will be back online by 7am CT on Friday, March 8.  This will effect all websites, petprofiles and site administration. All updates to client records will be pushed to the PetProfiles when maintenance is complete.


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